Flexible & Affordable Student Activity Tracking Software

Students these days are busier than ever. With the number of before-, during- and after-school activities growing larger everyday, it's harder than ever to figure out exactly where your students are and why.

Make your life and your students' lives much easier by integrating the all new StudentPath software system.
  • Tracking records can be customized for Teacher and Administration reports.
    Reports are available on any computer, tablet or phone that has internet access.
    Sign on with userid and password to review realtime reports.
  • The software offers the clearest picture yet of exactly what's going on in your school.
    For example, you can accurately track:

    Activity Attendance
    Early Dismissals
    Detention Attendance

    The software's intuitive interface is customizable; allowing you to easily create drop-down lists that meet your school's needs, and even set your screen for automatic event check-in.  StudentPath can just as easily be used to flag kids who should not be in attendance.
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